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Stabilicers, Yaktrax and Sure Foot let you walk on ice! Easy to attach traction devices for your shoes. Never slip on icy ground again! Need Snow Shoes, Ice Cleats or Snow Cleats? We have many models of Ice tration devices
Get Ready for Winter
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32 North Stabilicers, Sure Foot Get-a-Grip & Yaktrax
Yaktrax, Yaktrax Walker, Yaktrax Pro, 32 North, Stabilicers, Sure Foot
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Stabilicers Lite, Stabilicers Sport, and Stabilicers
Relied on by hundreds of thousands of postal letter carriers, police and rescue crews, hikers, dog walkers, and many others, STABILicers help provide non-slip traction to keep you mobile and confident in icy and snowy conditions
Walk on Ice with Stabilicers
Stabilicers Lite
Walk on Ice with Stabilicers
Stabilicers Sport
Walk on Ice with Stabilicers
Sure Foot Get-a-Grip Ultra, Advanced and Ice Fisherman
The Sure Foot Get-a-Grips increases traction and helps to prevent slips and falls on snow and ice, reducing the risk of possible pulled muscles, fractures and back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. and providing confidence when walking
Walk on Ice with Sure Foot Get-a-Grip
Due North Everyday
Get-a-Grip Ultra
Walk on Ice with Sure Foot Get-a-Grip
Due North All Purpose Advanced
Due North Get a Grip Surefoot Ice Fisherman Traction Aid
Due North Ice
Fisherman Aid
YakTrax Walker, YakTrax Pro and YakTrax Extreme
When you walk or run with Yaktrax, every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet. Yaktrax create a solid, secure grip by way of our exclusive SkidLock coil system, made of specially treated steel.
Yaktrax Walker
Yak Trax
Yaktrax Pro
Yaktrax Extreme Walk on Ice Traction Aid
Yaktrax Extreme
We also carry a full line of winter recreational products such as snowboards, sleds, tubes, discs, saucers, toboggans and more!
Get Ready for Winter
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